Let People Enjoy Things, Damn it



One of my FB friends (Jean-Luc) posted this comic around the time of the last super bowl (go Broncos!!!). As the hip kids used to say, this comic is “dank as fuck.” I’ve always laughed at people who break their arms patting themselves on the back because they’re not a fan of X, especially when X = some popular pop-culture thing. Irony alert: the people who smugly state “I don’t like X” are the first to post “I’m so excited about Y.”

At this point, plenty of others have pointed out that if you don’t care about the super bowl or HBO’s Game of Thrones, that probably makes you one of AT LEAST five billion (that’s 5,000,000,000) people who don’t care about those thing either. In other words, you’re not special; you’re just acting like a bag of dicks. So stop it.

However, I get it. I’ll see friends’ FB posts or Tweets and think “OMG, Who the fuck cares?” (I seriously think “OMG” and I also think, and say, “LOL” when something is funny; I need some help.) I have a trollish side that social media brings out and it’s hard for me not to post a meme like this:

group photo

If I were indifferent about GoT and had to read a million (that’s 1,000,000 and hyperbole) posts that were some version of “Holy shit! The red wedding!” I might want to tell people that I don’t care.

And that’s one problem with social media: we’re confronted with ALL of our friends’, families’, and acquaintances’ likes and dislikes, their political preferences, and the minutiae of their lives. If I know one of my friends doesn’t like the Denver Broncos, then I won’t initiate a conversation about football with them. Sure, FB gives us options about who can see our posts, but I’m thinking we don’t use them too much (and why go through the trouble?). So we get slapped in the face with a bunch of shit we probably don’t care about, or maybe we care about some of the shit, but we’re not in the mood for that shit right at that moment.

Like I said, I get it. I want to hate post and hate comment on an awful lot of posts. But I don’t (some of my FB friends would probably disagree with me). I try to remember that I post random shit and dank memes on FB because it pleases me, and the same is true for most of my friends (except for attention whore posts, but most of my friends are too cool for that).

So let people enjoy things. Even Pokemon Go (which they’re probably not playing anymore).

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