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The Stranger

A Netflix series about the eponymous stranger who blackmails people with secrets obtained through online hacking. The show offers a continuous escalation of revelations.


Written and directed by Ari Aster, this is a masterpiece of weird horror. A group of grad students travels to Sweden to witness a Midsommar ritual. Shenanigans ensue. Watch it now.


A mystery series set in Wales, partially a standard "murder of the week," but there's also an ongoing narrative with cases overlapping. One could almost watch this for the landscapes alone, but it's a great mystery series.

Good Sci-fi/Horror Series

  • Stranger Things--Overhyped? Maybe, but still quite good
  • Altered Carbon--Good Sci-Fi series
  • Locke and Key--Horror based on the graphic novel series
  • Penny Dreadful--Good horror-themed series
  • Watchmen--a sequel to Moore's original--it's great
  • The Outsider--based on King's novel--very good
  • What We Do in the Shadows--faux documentary following vampires-it's hilarious

British Crime Shows

  • Bodyguard--Robb from GoT as a police guardian
  • Marcela--great mystery series--two seasons
  • Midsomer Murders--episodic mystery where we learn that the British countryside is really, really dangerous
  • Father Brown--Catholic priest solves murders

Crime and True Crime Series

  • Mindhunter--based on a true story, but still good
  • Abducted in Plain Sight--entertaining, yet horrible
  • Making a Murderer--WI police frame a dude
  • The Confession Killer--Henry Lee Lucas confesses for shits and giggles
  • The Devil Next Door--Nazi death camp guard in America