Paris-Place de la Concorde




First view

Our first morning in Paris.

Lion Statue

I went a little nuts taking pictures of statues and the faces of statues.


The Luxor Obelisk-I'm not sure but somewhere around here is where the guillotine was placed during the Reign of Terror. My brief google searches claim that about 1,900 people had their heads removed here.

Fountain-Place de la Concorde

This fountain on the north side of the Place de la Concorde is meant to symbolize rivers. It's where Ann Hathaway throws her phone in _The Devil Wears Prada_.

Fountain of River Commerce and Navigation

This fountain is dedicated to french rivers, primarily the Rhone and the Rhine. The fountain at the other end of the Place de la Concorde is meant to represent the oceans.

Avenue des Champs-Elysees

The famous Arc down the road.


There are eight statues at the corners of the Place de la Concorde. Apparently, they represent French cities or areas. I don't know know which one this is. This just a case of me being zoom happy.