Paris Street Signs and Scenes




Various street signs and random places in Paris.

Street Sign

This street is named for the paper making shops once located there. It's now home to The Abbey Bookshop, a Canadian store that sells English language books.

The Drunken Boat

Writing on a wall near Saint-Sulpice. It's "The Drunken Boat" a poem by Rimbaud

Smallest Street

I read somewhere that this is the smallest street in Paris. The next pic is the street name.

Shop Sign

Shop or Bar sign--I can't remember.

Shop Sign

Next door to Saint Sulpice

Street Sign

Across from the Luxembourg Garden

Street Sign

A cool, touristy, medieval street packed with restaurants and bars.

Street Sign

View of the street.

Place Dauphine

Place Dauphine at the western end of the Ile de la Cite (the island on which Notre Dame stands)


Protesters! My google translating skills suggests that they're protesting in support of Kurds.

Hotel View

View from our hotel room at the Paris Westin Vendome.

Rue de l'Odeon

The green door in the middle of the background is the entryway to our AirBnB.

Carrefour de l'Odeon

One night a dude was playing the clarinet under that tree.

Chocolate Shop

Gigantic chocolate boots. Need I say more?

Saint-Germain--Street View

Boulevard Saint-Germain