The Thesis, The Three Appeals, and You

In WP Three, you’re making an argument, not analyzing one. Your paper should have a clear thesis statement. Sometimes, students are intimidated by this requirement, but it’s not difficult. A “thesis statement” is simply a sentence that briefly describes the purpose of your paper. Since WP Three requires you to make a recommendation, a sentence …

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Recommendations for a Recommendation

You’re choosing topics this week for your recommendation paper. Why write a recommendation paper? We’ve spent the first half of the paper discussing rhetoric and exploring how writers craft arguments for specific audiences. Writing Project Three gives you the opportunity to write your own argument for a specific audience. When you’re suggesting that people make …

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Lions, Tigers, and Scholarly Sources, Oh My!

Writing Project Two requires you to use scholarly sources in some way. If you’re in 101, you’ll be comparing a scholarly source to a popular source with the goal of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of both source types. If you’re in 102, you’ll be making an argument that you support with scholarly sources. Why …

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