Reading Recommendations

The Changeling

A horror story/fairy tale by Victory Lavalle set in contemporary times. It's beautifully written, horrifying, and powerful. If you're into horror at all you should read this.

Lovecraft County

A horror novel that reads like a short story cycle, with different protagonists in each chapter. Each chapter is a piece of a larger story. The added horror of racial attitudes in the fifties heightens the horror.

The Tangled Tree

Quammen is a fantastic science writer. The book begins by covering the early "tree of life" diagrams and finishes with how DNA and RNA analysis led to the discoveries about the nature of life and what makes us us.

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs

A brief nonfiction history of dinosaur life. What's especially impressive is Brusatte's ability to both connect his narrative to scientific evidence and make it interesting to readers. It's also a humbling look at the power of natural disasters.